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Capitaline NewsArc is a valueadded electronic news archive service, covering India's leading business & general publications, updated on a daily basis with today news on your desk by 9:00 am.

Capitaline NewsArc provides a single point access to all business information, saving time in seeking information. It tracks latest news on your competitors, customers or key markets with best sources available. All this comes with a user-friendly search engine.

Capitaline NewsArc is cataloged and also searchable on following parameters:

More than 35,000 companies available in the database, including all listed, unlisted companies in India and also foreign companies. For example, Volkswagon, Microsoft Taiwan, BMW, etc. Any news article on the company (Indian or foreign) will be available in the database.

Capitaline NewsArc has more than 109 industry classifications. Which would you prefer?

More than 400 business house classifications like Tata, Birla AV, Ambani, etc. are available with Capitaline NewsArc. Take your pick.

Capitaline NewsArc has more than 10,000 product listings. The products are classified as per Indian Trade Classification (ITC Code) based on the Harmonised Commodity Coding System evolved by the World Trade Organisation and followed in 151 countries. Even within our country, the same codes are followed by the Customs, Excise and Import/Export authorities. For instance, news relating to Polyester Filament Yarn can be obtained by clicking the word 'Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY)'. Similarly, all news pertaining to wireless telephony can be viewed by clicking 'Wireless transmission'.

Every article is classified according to the subject/type of news covered. Over 240 News types (subjects) are covered. For example, mergers & acquisitions, buybacks, genetics, biodiversity, bioinformatics, economy, exports, new projects, inflation, company profile, which enable you to cull down your search options.
For instance , if you want news about Reliance Industries, a large number of articles for a certain period will be displayed. If you want only articles pertaining to Quarterly Results of RIL, select the news type 'Company Working Results' and click 'Show'. Only those articles relating to working results of RIL will be displayed . Likewise, news relating to mergers & acquisitions, buybacks, genetic biodiversity, inflation, new projects, transfer pricing, profiles, taxes, expansions, management, exports, joint venture, etc. can be accessed by clicking the relevant news type word.

Articles are classified according to the state and country mentioned in the article.

Powerful word search engine available with Capitaline NewsArc displays instantly the words given in the search. There are also options to search a word like 'within the paragraph', 'within 10 lines, but which do not contain...', etc.
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